About Us

BUNA “The Best Unique Nepal Adventure” Company for quality and reliable adventure trips, probably one of the few companies in Nepal that one can trust for its unique services, although the company is 5-6 yrs old at its services arranging and running varieties of trips in and around the Himalaya in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and in north eastern Himalaya region of India, the staff at BUNA has been in all types of adventure and cultural tourism for more than a decade, with its valuable experience Mr. Shambhu Adhikari manages BUNA the best trekking company for you to share the adventure where BUNA can show you the in depth of Nepal and its Himalaya with its varied adventure destination from soft and challenging trekking, expeditions to high Himalayan mountains with its most experience mountain climbing and trekking guides where one can explore the hidden areas of Himalaya, BUNA although an adventure company has many more enjoyable holiday destination of your choice with scenic to cultural tour or honey moon trips has special and unique trips in store for all kinds of adventurer lovers we at BUNA arrange Heli tours on request you can rely on us as we are the only company that runs and manages your holiday without any hassle at very competitive price, we assure our clients that once you book with us leave the other work, for health, hygiene, eco-tourism  and  medical care our guides are well versed and trained to make your trip a successful,  on reaching home you can share your wonderful memory with your friends and relatives that you had one of the best holiday of your life time in the Himalaya with Mr.Shmbhu Adhikari and the BUNA experts guides and staff.

Please contact and try us once in our unparallel adventure from leisure, moderate, adventurous and challenging trips with the unique service of BUNA  which is the best trekking company for expeditions, trekking, tours with experience and friendly guides that one can trust and we will certainly enlightened you and make your dreams turn into reality.

“Wise Man Travels, Fools Wonders”
James Michener from the Novel Drifter