Find Out More About Buna and It’s Staff

Mr. Shambhu Adhikari the General Manager has served hundreds of clients fulfilling their requests, have led various treks in and around the Himalaya and have travelled extensively in Nepal-Bhutan-India and Tibet with decades of experience have set this office in the hub of Thamel, Kathmandu to make it easier for the walking clients to book and to collect information of the right of trips that they can choose, so Mr. Adhikari a veteran in this tourism field has many things to share with you the right person for your travel destination, so just contact or just try once he will certainly give you the best of the best and money worth of trips with Mr.Sambhu and his team of friendly staff.

Ms. Sarah Abram Liaison Officer for BUNA a supporting member and an advisor Ms.Sarah joined the office at BUNA since its establishment and has always remained a true, loyal acting as deputy manager helpthe clients in many ways weather on trekking or in office or in any outdoor making sure that the clients are comfortable and at ease, she has travelled far and wide in Nepal-Tibet and in India have been in Nepal for a decade so with her wide knowledge and experience certainly adds extra gem at BUNA to help and offering information to clients.

Mr.Ranjan Kumar holds the post of a Tour Operator truly a dedicated staff since BUNA was
established decades ago, by profession he was a trekking and tour guide has various experience in this tourism line, from trekking-tours-jungle safari-mountain biking-cultural tours he is the expert and any kinds of tours or treks it is all bestowed upon him, so Mr. Ranjan Kumar an ideal person to take care of you here at BUNA and making sure that you had a fun of your life time while with us in Nepal or any parts of the bordering Himalayan countries.

Mr.Wangchu Sherpa born and bred in the lap of the high Himalaya at Everest region, a descendent of the Highlanders of Nepal and surrounding Himalaya, Mr. Wangchu Sherpa has led number of mountaineering expeditions from trekking peaks, above 6,800 meters to 7,000 meters peaks and have climbed several 8,000 meters mountains including Mt.Everest from Nepal and Tibet and have earned the name as the best mountaineering guide and friends in Nepal by his present past clients, with his enormous courage and spirit he here at BUNA to help and support you in climbing any peaks that we have set in our program all the tough trekking and climbing is looked by him for BUNA.

Ms. Sunita Ale holdsthe postas a Sales Manager with BUNA a dedicated, and hard working lady hails from the mid-hills of the Nepal Himalaya she puts every effort and steps to boost and to make BUNA holidays and tours a number one, with her sound profession in tourism industry certainly helps and supports the clients that as a Sales Manager Ms.Sunita Ale will certainly offers you the money worth of selected trips of your choice and making sure that he enjoyed your stay in Nepal with BUNA.

Mr. Suman AD holds the post of Logistic Manager, all the trekking-climbing or mountaineering expeditions is bestowed upon him, as Mr. Suman AD have been since the start of BUNA Adventure, he manages and looks after all the logistic support that’s required in the mountains-trekking-biking and rafting as well, he leaves no stone unturned to make the clients holiday with BUNA an interesting and enjoyable, to have Suman AD at BUNA is another expertise to make and assure that we have the best of the best team of staff.

Mr. Kumar Gurung  a trekking guide with BUNA since the past 10-15 yrs with his experience as trekking guide will certainly helps you and assuring that the trips is complete with flawless a quiet guide and very informative any subject that you like to share with him from culture, mountains, Buddhist philosophy, flora and fauna, history he has them all for you to share and he is aware in eco-trekking and eco-tourism and helps the locals in the fields of save the environment, he makes sure that clients are well and enjoying the trip with him and he has extensive knowledge of the Himalaya and regarding wilderness medical and has been treating the clients since he started trekking at the tender age of 16 yrs. So trekking with BUNA will be fun and interesting with a guide like Kumar Gurung.