Message From CEO

Tourism has a direct relation towards the visited place where tourism helps in providing revenue towards local community which leads in a positive direction of eliminating poverty for the visited area.

In Nepal as a country viewed for its adventurous landscape generates a good flow of tourist for adventure. Along with Nepal Tourism we at Sanbhu Adhikari Adventure Company have established an image in context with poverty alleviation and trying to help rural areas to directly earn income through local products like handicraft, home stay accommodation and more sales of local products to tourist reducing in poverty. Tourism has been one of the drives in generating revenue in Nepal and helps the economy. Number of tourist visiting Nepal and creating a source of foreign exchange helps the economy of the country. Our earning 20-30 % directly goes in the charity to fund the helpless villagers or school and needy children’s.

1.Improvement of quality through education sanitized drinking water, health care and betterment of transportations.

2.Identifying the low or poor section of people and helping them in social and economy.

3.Creating good government body to identify and provide people with good service, target and efficiency.

4. Employment of the poor in tourism enterprises.

5. Encourage voluntary giving / support by tourism enterprises and tourists.

6. Investment in infrastructure stimulated by tourism also benefiting the poor in the locality, directly through support to other sectors.