Jugle Himal Trekking

jugal-himal-trekBUNA offers an interesting adventure journey in the offbeat trail, which is less frequented by westerners and other trekkers to Jugal Himal and Panch Pokhari, This region, offers a diversity of landscapes, climate change with the combination of rich and cultural heritage, unparalleled beauty. Adventure begins from Chautara, with 3-4 hours of scenic drive from Kathmandu. Chautara home of the highlanders Sherpa and Tamang people.

This trek starts from 1,400m and goes up to 4,000m at Panch Pokhari, a seldom-visited pilgrimage site as this area is less visited by other western trekkers it will be total interesting and well worth exploring and this trekking route leads around Helambu area and finishes at the lower region at the rim of Kathmandu Valley. Jugal Himal and Panch Pokhari which is a mesmersing trekking journey and one of the holy spot for Hindus and Buddhist.. Trip Profile: Mode of trekking: Camping Trek grade: moderate Trek / Camp: 14-15 days Total duration: 16-17 days.

Trip Highlights:”marvelous snow capped mountain views, rich culture and great adventure, offering outstanding experience to the base of Jugal Himal towards north east of Kathmandu Valley”. 

Outline Itinerary:

01: Arrive Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel.

02: Drive from Kathmandu to Chautara and trek for two hours to Sim Bhanjyang.

03: Trek to Kami Kharka 4-5 hours. 04: Trek to Choyo Kharka. 5-6 hrs.

05: Trek to Bhaisi Kharka or Hille Kharka. 5-6 hrs.

06: Trek to Nasimpatti. 5-6 hrs.

07: Trek to Panch Pokhari on route to Tilman’s pass.

08: Rest day at Panch Pokhari for local hike and exploration.

09: Trek back to Nausing Pati. 4-5 hrs.

10. Trek towards Yarsa Kharka. Approx: 6 hrs.

11. Trek to Yangrima Khola. 5-6 hrs.

12. Trek to Laghang Gompa.. 5-6 hrs. 5-6 hrs.

13. Trek to Tarke Gyang. 5-6 hrs.

14: Trek to Tharepatti via Melamchigaon 5-6 hrs.

15. Trek to Patibhanjyang via Gulbhanjyang. 6-7 hrs.

16: Trek to Sundarijal via Chisopani and drive back to Kathmandu.

17: International Departure.

Details Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu 1,300m via respective airlines.
On arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport you will be received by BUNA staff and transfer you to the Hotel, where BUNA staff will give you a brief orientation of the Hotel, Kathmandu, Treks /Camping, do’s and don’t and other related information that you might require while in Nepal.

Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu to Chautara 1,400m and trek for 2-3 hours to Sim Bhanjyang or Syaule 1,500m.
From Kathmandu morning scenic bus drive on the Kodari highway leads past the Kathmandu Valley and at Dolalghat where the Sun-Koshi River flows, after Dolalghat the drive takes towards Chautara leaving the main Kodari road (Kathmandu-Tibet highway) from this point a few hours drive reaches at Chautara. This is a quite a large town-village. From here if the road is in good condition continue drive to Syaule or from here the walk begins depending upon the seasonal road condition the road follows the gradual winding path through the hill villages to Sim-Bhanjyang or Syaule as the air gets cooler from here onwards.

Day 03: Trek to Kami-Kharka Danda. 2,300m. 4-5 hrs.
After a wonderful night on the first camp, morning walks leads towards small farm villages and fields and slowly the walk leads to a climb leaving the farm villages behind climbing towards Okrin Danda (ridge) through the forest of oaks and rhododendrons, on reaching here after a good walk overnight camp in a grassy meadow in the midst of the beautiful forest.

Day 04: Trek to Choyochyo Kharka or Danda.
Approx: 2,800m. 5-6 hrs. The trek from here continues on the ridge of Kami danda through beautiful rhododendron and oaks forest with grand scenery of the surrounding landscapes and of the distant snow capped peaks. The walk slowly follows the ridge crest to a large chorten at 3,160m the path traverse towards the meadow across the western slopes of Choyochyo Danda, then descending towards the overnight camp at approx: 2,800m.

Day 05: Trek to Bhaise or Hille Kharka.3,700m. 4-5 hrs.
Today’s walk leads towards the steep climb of the Hille-Bhanjyang ridge and steadily across the stony and grassy pastureland t cross the ridge and then it leads to a down-hill path through the cool serene forest, crossing the wet gullies reaching at Chang Samparphu at 3,915m. From here it is a good down hill descend towards the overnight camp at Hill-Bhanjyang also known as Bhaise Kharka.

Day 06: Trek to Nasimpatti. 3,800 m. 3-4 hrs.
From this wonderful campsite, today’s walk leads towards Nasimpatti which will be the lunch and overnight camp spot. After a good walk the path climbs towards a steep uphill on the hillock and traversing towards the open ground along the prayer flagstone trail to another crest to reach Nasimpatti which offers stunning views of Jugal Himal range.

Day 07: Trek to Panch-Pokhari. 4,160 m. 3-4 hrs.
Today again will be a fairly short or average walking hours with overnight camp and lunch at the same spot at Panch Pokhari one of the high lights of this trip. From this camp the trail climbs on a well defined path all the way to Panch Pokhari. After a good walk reaching at Panch Pokhari meaning five ponds which is holy and important sites for the Hindus. During the season of monsoon June-July on the full moon. Thousands of Hindu and some Buddhist pay homage to this holy spot.

Day 08: Rest day at Panch-Pokhari.
A full rest day at this beautiful holy spot, one can explore the five holy lakes in the vicinity of Lingshin and Jugal Himal range near to the route of Tilman’s the pioneer of the route from here towards Langtang in the early 1950’s

Day 09: Trek back to Nasimpatti. 3-4 hrs.
Retrace the journey back to Nasimpatti.

Day 10: Trek to Yarsa-Kharka 2,530m. 5-6 hrs.
From here on wards our route diverts towards west wards the walk leads past ravines and small streams, the walk finally leads to a good camping site at Yarsa-Kharka some locals also calls by the name of Ghai-Kharka to this same place.

Day 11: Trek to Yangrima-Khola. 1,400m. 5-6 hrs.
The walk leads to a descent through forest of oaks and rhododendrons the path sometimes can be steep and rough, crossing few big rivers, and then passing though traditional farm villages then descending towards a small steep trail and to the bridge over the Panch Pokhari Khola. From here the route climbs to Hutanbrang, then the walk leads to downhill path following the Larke Khola downstream to the first of the two bridges below Yangri village for the overnight camp at this good camping site.

Day 12: Trek to Laghang Gompa 2,600 m. 5-6 hrs.
The walk continues crossing a bridge over the Larke and Yangri kholas, and passing through the Yangri village. From here path climbs steadily and continues steeply in some places towards north-west passing through traditional scattered mid hills farm villages and terrace fields and through forest to reach Gangkharka. Then walking to the next valley with a climb to Laghang Gompa.

Day 13: Trek to Tarke-Ghyang. 2,560m. 5-6 hrs.
Trek climbs through beautiful forest, then approaching to nice pastures, stone houses, scrub growth and cattle path, then the steep downhill trail leads at Tarke Ghyang for the overnight camp. Tarkegyang, is the main village of Helambu region, the place is also renowned for its famed green apples and the wood carving on furniture and in other household products.

Day 14: Trek to Tharepatti 3,500m. 5-6 hrs.
After a wonderful time at Tharepatti our route diverts to a descent towards Melamchi Kola after crossing the river the path climbs towards Mealmchegaon a nice mid hills village with beautiful wooden carved windows, from here the path climbs through the forest for another hour or two till Tharepatti reaches for the overnight camp. Tharepatti is on the way to Langtang and Gosainkund trekking trail. A lovely spot on the high ridge overlooking the views of the snow capped peaks of Jugal Himalayan range in the east and Ganesh-Manaslu in the west; we can make out the ridge and the trail coming out of Gosainkund.

Day 15: Trek to Patti-Bhangjang 1,700m 6-7 hours walk.
The trek from here onwards, leads to farm fields, villages and to few forest areas, from Tharepatti few hours walk brings you at Kutumsang village 2,470m, inhabited by Sherpa and Tamang hill tribes, from here the winding path passes through up’s and down slopes past the farm terraces and villages till PattiBhanjyang is reached for the overnight camp.

Day 16: Trek to Sundarijal 1,380m via Chisopani Danda 2,195m.
Approx. 3-4 hrs walks and an hour drive back to Kathmandu. The walk from here is more pleasant passing through number of rural farm villages the trail brings us to a village of Pati Bhanjayang after a 3-4 hours trek, from this village a short uphill climb to Chisopani danda a scenic spot at the top of the hilltop enroute to Kathmand, a scenic viewpoint with 4-6 teahouses and an Army Camp nearby, this places offers fantastic view of the Jugal Himal range in the north east and Ganesh Himal-Manaslu and Annapurna range in the west. Apart from the snow peaks, a lovely view of the surrounding landscapes and valleys down below. The last day of this beautiful journey, leads through serene forest and farmlands after a few hours of gradual walk and to the top of the ridge of Burlang and Chepu Bhanjyang at 2,438m with a great view of Kathmandu Valley, from here the track descents to Sundarijal (meaning beautiful water) a lovely spot. Another hour descents brings you back to cvilization as you board in the vehicle for the drive to Kathmandu from eastern suburb Sundarijal, the drive passes through the famed places of Boudhanath renowned for its enormous Buddhist Chaitya or Stupa.

Day 17: Transfer to Airport for the International departure.
Today as per your international flight time, keep your confirmed air ticket, departure tax (in local currency) and your passport handy. BUNA staff will take you to the airport for your final departure from this amazing country, Nepal. Note: The above itinerary should be taken only as a guide line; it could change due to weather, availability of clean water and campsite, trail or any other unforeseen conditions.

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